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Housed amongst our picturesque 20-acre estate you will find our breathtaking Cellar Door, offering visitors the opportunity to indulge in our Estate Wines, Grappa and Liqueurs. Guided by our knowledgeable team, you can learn and experience the authentic way to enjoy our spirits within a welcoming environment.

Wine tasting – $5 per person includes a tasting of four Pietro Gallo Estate wines.

Liqueur and Grappa tasting – $10 per person includes a tasting of two Pietro Gallo Liqueurs and two Grappa.

The cellar door is open:
Saturday and Sunday, 11.30am – 4.00pm.

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Our Wine Selection

Explore the flavours of our carefully selected range of estate wines.

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Our Shop

Bring home the riches of our estate. In our small boutique, you find our delicious Estate Wines, our signature Grappa and Liqueurs and a selection of pantry goods.

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Classes & Appreciation

Be inspired by traditional know-how and family recipes, as our range of hands-on classes have you mastering the art of pasta making, salami making and grappa and liqueur appreciation – all before savouring the delicious results.

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