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The Distillery

Created for discovery and sharing, our outstanding distillery celebrates traditional Italian techniques with a modern approach to create unrivalled Grappa and liqueurs unique to Pietro Gallus Estate.


A love for fresh produce is something that brings people together and Pietro Gallus’s approach to locally grown and sourced produce perfectly celebrates that passion and commitment – from the estate-grown Lisbon and Eureka Lemons that make up our acclaimed Limoncello, to the rich King Valley Prosecco grapes grown at just the right altitude to create our distinguished Grappa, distilled right here on site.

Remarkably unique, our Grappa is born from a single grape variety rather than blended – resulting in a spirit that is as well rounded and perfectly bodied as you would expect from grapes of this calibre.


We distil grape pomace (pressed grape skins), meticulously following traditional Italian methods, refined over hundreds of years. Fermented grape skins are lightly pressed to preserve the flavour of the grape, then distilled in our purpose-built grappa still (named ‘Scarpone’ after John’s father). Spirit vapour passes through a bed of crushed Carrara marble to remove impurities, creating a spirit of remarkable purity and smoothness.

Using a fifty-year-old family recipe handed down the generations of Anna’s family, our liqueurs are produced from the zest of locally grown fruit that is harvested when the fruit is at its optimal ripeness – when the zest is vibrant and fragrant. The zest is steeped in Australian sugar cane spirit, then sugar is added to enhance and balance the flavour profile. We adopt a lighter approach to sweetening our liqueurs for a fresher and more fragrant profile that celebrates exceptional ingredients.

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From initial conception to the very first pour, our Grappa and liqueurs are created to sip, savour and share with the people who matter most to you. Our personalised tasting sessions are the perfect way to sample our range of Grappa and liqueurs as we walk you through the creation of our distinctive Pietro Gallus range of products.  

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Created for your enjoyment, we invite you to peruse our range of artisanal Grappa, liqueurs, wines and seasonal pantry goods.

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